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The Las Vegas Rundown

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Like many countries, The United States is known for many beautiful and attractive destinations. One of our most popular attractions is Nevada, and the entire city is called, Las Vegas. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Bling Logistics Network Inc. will be having its very first networking event called, Bling Logistics Network Las Vegas Summit. This event is surely going to be a memory maker. As earlier stated, Las Vegas is a very popular attraction, known throughout the entire world. For those of us who have never visited this metropolis, we at Bling Logistics Network Inc., have decided to provide you with a quick F.A.Q. and “Did You Know” article about what can be in store during your stay.

Bling Logistics Network: Cyber Security Threats & How to Shield Yourself

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In today’s era, it can be difficult to turn on the news, open a webpage, or even log into your bank account without being bombarded with information regarding data security and how to shield yourself from trespassers. For many consumers, the thought of being hacked is a distant, low chance possibility. For other consumers, having their information stolen is a constant battle that should never be taken lightly. It pains me to say this, but both of these groups of people are right. Everyday all of us have the possibility of being exposed to an attack. However, we at Bling Logistics Network understand the importance of cyber security education. Understanding the most popular types of informational theft is the first step towards not being a victim.

Powerful Ways to Stand Out In Bling’s Las Vegas Summit


Ever since the dawn of a consumer based market (and before), having a strong marketing strategy has always been one of the best ways towards personal and financial success. With a simple Google search, it is possible to find dozens upon dozens of ways to sell (market) yourself, your brand, your company, and your style. However, many writers fail to stress how important it is to be as authentic and original as possible. With Bling Logistic Network’s Las Vegas Summit quickly approaching, we thought it be best to pass on our top 5 tips that will help you make a lasting and memorable impact throughout your networking experience.  

Company Brand Camp 101

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Unless you live under a rock (literally), your life has been impacted by some form of marketing. In order for a business to survive and thrive it must first find its audience and constantly remind them it is alive. Yes, in a certain sense companies are alive, learn, and grow. Companies market themselves not only by creating the products that we use every day, but by branding those products with their name and/or slogan. As a student in business school or as a newfound entrepreneur, one of the first lessons a person is taught is the importance and usefulness of “branding”. Branding is away for companies to develop their professional identify and a way for them to “stand-out” from their competition. If you’re in the process of getting your business off the ground or are looking for a quick refresher course in company promotion, follow these tips so that you are sure to leave a memorable, lasting mark on the world (literally).

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Bling Logistics Network: New Year, New Goals, Same Vision


You did it! You made it! You survived the 2018 holiday season intact, and you’ve already conquered your first full week of 2019. It may seem not so long ago you that were sending off your last email and dreading the typical holiday office party. Trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one, or thinking of excuses to avoid traditional family gossip may feel like a distant memory.Even if these scenarios didn’t apply to you, surely you’ve heard the phrase, “new year, new me” in one form or another. However, before jumping to conclusions, we at Bling Logistics Network always salute those who want to better themselves and encourage personal as well as professional growth. Just as people shed unsuccessful practices, businesses should do the same. However, businesses should never stray from their predefined goals, but alter the ways to best achieve them. As mentioned in our previous article, Company Brand Camp 101, a company that listens to its consumers is a company that grows. As people change and adopt new habits, companies should be willing and eager to listen to them and follow suit. Maintaining a vision and being open to adjusting how you can achieve that vision is Bling Logistic Network’s personal suggestion to intellectual growth. As a matter of fact, one of my favorite quotes that can be best applied to this topic is, “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee.
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Countering Toxicity in the Workplace

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At one point or another, many of us have encountered a colleague or boss that protrudes hostility in the workplace. Workplace hostility has a way of transforming your dream job, one that you’ve tirelessly worked to achieve, into a living hell that you would gladly gnaw off your own leg to escape. Workplace hostility (or toxicity) can come in a wide variety of forms. It is vital to your success, and of your colleagues, that you know if you’re exhibiting any traits that can be interpreted as hostile. After speaking with several Human Resources Directors, I’ve compiled 3 of their most memorable complaints. Sit back and breeze through this list as if your job depends on it, because it possibly could.