Our Team

Roberto Rueda
Chief Executive Officer & GM at Bling Logistics Network Inc.
Roberto Rueda is a founding member and the Chief Executive Officer of Bling Logistics Network Inc. As a graduate of Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, Illinois in Business Administration and Equinoccial University in Ecuador in International Business, Roberto used his extensive education and 16 years of freight forwarding experience to enter the networking market. In doing so, he has connected like minded business professionals with each other with a combined experience of 16 years Utilizing his fluency of many languages and his dedicated work ethic, Roberto searched around the globe to formulate a team of dedicated specialists, with extensive attributes, to create Bling Logistics Network Inc.
 Roberto Rueda
David Santiago
Corporate Coordinator at Bling Logistics Network Inc.
David is a highly qualified and skilled financial specialist with familiarity and experience in the areas of innovative leadership, perseverance, diligence, integration, marketing analytics, unique problem-solving, and creating high performance teams.  David brings an executive focused vision to the Bling Logistics Network Inc. team. A vision that is focused on achieving targeted goals that are research oriented. David welcomes any opportunity to face new challenges, build effective relationships with clients, co-workers and strategic partners.
David Santiago


Stephen Minor


Business Development Associate at Bling Logistics Network Inc.
Stephen is an endlessly creative Business Development & Communications Marketing Strategist who has joined the Bling Logistics Network Inc. team following a volunteering opportunity abroad in Ecuador. Stephen received his professional qualifications from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in the fall season of 2012. With extensive expertise in company expansion, logistical event planning, and a lover of film & theater production, Stephen adds a special form of vigor to the table. A wearer of “multiple hats” and bringer of unique concept strategies, Stephen is able to offer invaluable guidance to his fellow colleagues and executives at Bling Logistics Network Inc.  


Steph minor
Geovanny Salazar
Graphic Designer at Bling Logistics Network Inc.
Geovanny “Gombo” Salazar is the one who brings the flare and uniqueness to Bling Logistics Network’s forward facing and internal content. Everyday, Geo works diligently to make Bling LN everything it is and will be. A graduate of Cordillera Technical Institute in the field of Digital Art and Illustration, Geo brings an attribute that no one else brings to the Bling Logistics Network table, digital insight and cogisence!
Geovanny salazar
Jesus Herrera
Marketing and Logistics Advisor at Bling Logistics Network Inc.
Jesus Herrera is a self-driven and passionate professional at Bling Logistics Network. Jesus holds many years of experience and education in International Training and Logistics. Jesus has worked with freight forwarding companies across the globe and has established a lasting impact of success with them. Here at Bling Logistics Network, Jesus is the person that provides our fellow members with the necessary tools to grow and establish strong connections and expansive networks. Jesus has the special ability of highlighting all of our members strengths and is able to assist them in improving the way they market themselves to their consumers and competition.
Jesus Herrera
Gabriela Rodriguez
Relations Associate at Bling Logistic Network Inc.
Gabriela is known as the “Goal Setter” here at Bling Logistics Network. She is known to create dynamic relationships and outreach Bling Logistic Network’s mission to diverse communities and new horizons. Gabriela believes nothing is impossible when you confront anything with an open mind and positive attitude.
Gabriela Rueda
Jackeline Spinola
Member Service Coordinator at Bling Logistics Network
Jackeline has helped make Bling Logistics Network everything it is today! Jackeline works day in and out supporting every member with respect and understanding. Using her extensive experience in Public Relations and Neurolinguistics Sales, Jackeline is able to connect on a empathetic level with each of our network members and counterparts. Jackie’s main object here at Bling Logistics Network is to ensure every associated member has the full support and backing of the Bling family.
Jackeline Spinola